Every lesson is tailored to your child’s specific needs, following on from their initial planning assessment and previous lesson. The cumulative, multisensory teaching approach allows plenty of opportunity for repetition and consolidation whilst introducing new learning in small, manageable steps. This enables children to develop confidence in their skills and eliminates any gaps in their learning. The lessons will target areas of weakness that are specific to your child and also those commonly associated with dyslexia.


The main teaching programme is called ‘Conquering Literacy’ by Kelly and Philips. This is a programme specifically designed for those with dyslexia or dyslexic type difficulties. At times, we may work on other programmes depending on the needs of your child.


Throughout the academic year we have a variety of themed weeks to help the children generalise the skills they are learning to different situations. The final lesson of each term will follow a ‘game-based approach’ to summarise your child’s learning for the term. We also have sessions focusing on the use of assistive technology, planning for writing, written composition and dyslexia awareness.


All lessons are offered on a one to one basis. Children attend for one lesson each week during term time which are paid for in advance at the start of each half term. ‘Pay as you go’ lessons are also available during the school holidays. Lessons are charged at £35 per hour.




I try to limit the amount of homework given, but regular practise is essential to maximise progress. Each week I ask that students review their reading cards, practise their spellings and look out for their newly learnt letter sound correspondence or concept in their school reading books. At times I may give out a worksheet to consolidate what has been learnt in the lesson.




If your child has not had an assessment when they start tuition, I will conduct a Planning Assessment over the first two lessons. This information will then be used to set individual targets for the tuition. 


Your child's progress will be reviewed approximately every 6 months and a short report will be written. Their progress will be measured both formally and through observations during the lessons.


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