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Assessments and individual tuition are also available to schools. Further information about these services can be found on the Assessment and Tuition pages of the website. Dyslexia Awareness training sessions will also be up and running soon!


Exam Access Arrangements Assessments

This assessment is only available to schools and cannot be booked directly with parents/carers. It provides schools and colleges with the information necessary to apply for exam access arrangements and the relevant paperwork will be completed. The assessment will explore the relevant areas to support applications for extra time, a reader, a scribe/use of a computer or a language modifier. This assessment can be useful for schools who do not have an in-house assessor. Parts of the assessment will need to be administered in a one to one situation, but other aspects can be administered within a group setting. The length of the assessment varies depending on the requirements for each student, but the price is a set fee of £45 per student.


Advice and Support

If you require any advice or support, a free half hour telephone conversation is available to schools and individual teachers. This may involve discussing possible strategies for use within the classroom, talking through an assessment report, discussing the needs of individual students and answering any questions. Any further advice or support following this conversation is charged at £35 per hour.

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