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Whether you are a new student starting tuition or coming in for an assessment, be reassured that you will always receive a warm welcome. I aim to make your time with me as comfortable and relaxed as possible, whether that is at my teaching room in Mansfield or at your school.

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Dyslexia Support Located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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I am a fully qualified specialist dyslexia teacher and assessor. I offer a variety of services including specialist, multisensory literacy and numeracy tuition, screening assessments, assessments for exam access arrangements and full diagnostic assessments.


My experience of working within education is varied. I have taken on the role of teacher and teaching assistant in both mainstream and special schools, supporting children with complex learning, emotional and physical difficulties. I also spent some time working with adolescents with mental health difficulties.  However, it is since working as a specialist teacher that I have been able to provide people with the tailored support that I believe is needed to help those with specific learning difficulties to make progress, increasing their chances of being able to access opportunities more fully. 


I often think back to children I have taught in the past and wonder if they have been identified as having dyslexia and whether they are being supported in a way that is specific to their needs. Through Alison Carter Dyslexia Support, I hope to support people to develop strategies and improve their skills so that they are able to access their education confidently and embrace future learning opportunities. 



"support people to develop strategies and improve their skills"

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"provide people with tailored support"

"Fully qualified specialist dyslexia teacher and assessor"